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Benefits of Registering

Benefits of being a ZimArts&Crafts member

For information on how to become a member, please visit the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe for the purposes of accreditation or click here for details on registration To find out why you might want to become a member, please read on!

  • Member benefits
    Registering to become a member of the Zimbabwe Arts & Crafts website gives you several benefits some of which are described below.2012 Showcase
    The benefit that many artists would gain the most from would be the ability to showcase their skills and products to a global audience with a major drive aimed at exposing our artists to the 2012 extravaganza.
  • Regular newsletters
    Zimbabwe Arts & Crafts provides regular newsletters email that should prove useful and informative to artists in and around Zimbabwe. The newsletters often mention opportunities that may help artists to show, publicise or sell their work.
  • Use of the Zimbabwe Arts & Crafts website
    All Zimbabwe Arts & Crafts members can get forward information about themselves that will help to advertise themselves and their art to anyone who views the Zimbabwe Arts & Crafts website.
  • Artist Profile pages
    Artist profile pages will be shown before, during and well after the AFCON 2013, allowing visitors to the Zimbabwe Arts & Crafts website to view the artists profile and a selected number of artworks

Other advantages of using the website
The artist details, New, Discussion Forum, Marketplace and Onlineshop on the Zimbabwe Arts & Crafts website are not only a valuable resource at the time of writing, adding them means that their details are shown for the period that you are a member This means that people searching the web (using Google, Yahoo or similar) can find your details year-round. You can forward edits to you profile pages any time you wish while you are a member of the Zimbabwe Arts & Crafts.

If you do not have your own website, this is probably the easiest way for you to get a web presence, allowing people to contact you about your art, increasing the likelihood of sales or commissions.
If you do have your own website, you can put a link to it on any pages you create, together with any other contact details you may wish to leave. This will drive more traffic to your own website. A reciprocal link between your pages on the Zimbabwe Arts & Crafts site and your own website should also boost your page rankings with search engines.


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